A trilogy of interest, the approach, and then…the seduction (hehehe. Click the banner/titles to check out the music videos)


Without my


You have become

My vision


Your plump lips

And edgy style…in season


I’m sold

Not eligible

For refund


The night sky has never been more vivid

Can’t keep living my life without your love in it


You’re a fine sir…and I’m a fine girl

Let’s fall in love

Let’s fall in love, love, love


Never ever ever

Never gonna let you go

BABY YOU’RE MINE BABY YOU’RE MINE *Youngjae voice* lol


Hear your name, I lose my cool

All the girls have their eyes on you

The way I feel, I can’t explain. It’s blowing my mind.


Don’t know how to talk to you

Such a lame, feel like a fool

But I have to do something, running out of time


So much that we can do, I know our love will rock the world

It’s an illusion every minute that I’m not called your girl



This could be something beautiful


We should just fall in love


Don’t be afraid, come on let’s go

Who knows

What this

Could be

Let’s heat up this summer night


Your eyes are a light

They light up this lifeless night

So many stars are out in sight

But you’re the one I’m looking at, alright?


Don’t be so quick to leave, I need more


One more

2 shots


I’ve got a palace near that’s real warm (let’s rock)

It’s real warm (come and check it out)




So much love shines from the moon

But it don’t shine as bright as you


You can feel a high

Take you higher than you’ve ever been I

I’ve got

One night

Let’s make it unforgettable


– TH