Bright, beautiful, yellow ball of fire

Shining so, so bright on thee

(yes…I said thee)

What is it like to be like ye

(mmmhmm…I said ye)


Effortless existence

Excellent persistence


Feels like I’m melting from the inside

Soon, the burnt orange embarrassment will spill from me & override


It’s 12:22 PM central time

Starbucks on Farm of Market… of which I am outside

A burnt orange Nissan, I presume, just parked by


The irony

Always experiencing synchronicity

Must be a joke, because nothing is happening



I have a visual of a plastic cup in reach

Filled with rum, orange juice, vodka & more

Sex on the beach


Trying to fight the question “what causes my rest?”

Every day, I swear I swear, I’m trying my best to try my best


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