“I just need to know if you can feel everything that I feel” – Tremaine

Is it really picture perfect?

I really hope she’s worth it.

We coulda been so freakin’ perfect

But you had to go and hurt shit

At some point in time she’s gonna hurt you

Realize we’re a movement

Such a virtue


Yellow moon, it swells

For our love, feel compelled

To do your worst, drag her through hell

Candle lit, cast a spell


Hold up

Maybe… I should just

Wait my turn

You know?


“What’s for you is for you”

Feel the burn

Let it grow


Do I really have to go without your love another minute?
Divine right needs to come on, cuz this pain…I’m over it.

– TH

“Wish I never met you. Cuz ever since you came through, I’ve been doing things that I never do.”

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