The bright blue sky


Becomes gray

It’s the end of the day


At the table alone

As it seems

However, it’s like I hear everything you say


I can feel you

You’re right beside me

Your beauty, my God, it radiates


Now, I might be crazy

That is for sure

Lookin’ so crazy in love, yes you got me


Floral dress, red lips

On a summer night

Gonna find your light

Yes, I can feel your shine


Your eyes are so deep

Beautiful what I need

Feeling this phantom love

Is this an endless journey?


Give me a sign

Show it to me

I’m losing my mind

Can our love be aligned?


Give me a sign

Sign just for me

Let’s be aligned


Just give me a sign


All through the night

Close my eyes

& I see you


Making my heart jump

Just give me a sign


I dedicate

my whole life

To love you


I can feel your phantom love through my body


Out of the blue

Oh baby who are you?

Need this? I don’t need this

I can’t breathe

You make me sick

Don’t like this

(could it, be you)

I’ve never felt like this before, something’s wrong




Your lips

Your eyes

Your smile

Your life, everything

oH You got

Everything that I need

I think I hit the jackpot


I’m diving real deep

I know you’re looking – find me

This moment

Don’t let go

My love, I need you now


Give me a sign

– TH

GOT7 – Sign 

Complete the “trill oG” Picture Perfect Inspired x Picture Perfect – Trey Songz