Bonus Tip: 

Let Go of Things, Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions That Don’t Support Your Unique Lifestyle 

Quick note:

Pay close attention to the way you live your life now. Are you doing things, saying things, feeling things that the person who lives the awesome life you desire WOULDN’T?

This step is all about observation. Observe and toss things that you do not need in your new way of living.

You’re all done!

I want to hear from you: what did you learn in this course? Share with me your notes and revelations. Also, share with me questions that came up while you did this. Shoot me an email with your responses to & let’s talk about it!

Although this is the last email for the Get Out Of the Daily Loop email course, there is one more important thing you need to know.

YOU HAVE TO STICK WITH THIS! Even when it seems like no change is happening, even on a bad day, even on the BEST day, you have to stay focused. You’re used to thinking a certain way and moving with a certain energy, you’re pretty much breaking up with your old mindset and dating a new one.

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  • What external and internal sabotage to be on the look out for

And plenty more. It will pretty much be me and you facilitating your first noticeable shift in your career or lifestyle in a 30-day time span.

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You name it.

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