Treat your desires like they are your favorite artists

What do you do when you fall in love with a new musician or song? You play it over and over and over. You research the artist, you learn their life story. If you are a mega fan girl like me, you’ll the picture of the artist you’re in love with on your wall (whether it be your physical wall or wall paper on your phone)…you will not allow that artist to escape you!

Now, it’s time for you to do the same with your desires. Treat the things and experiences you wish to have like it’s your favorite artist!

Listen to the audio below to dive deeper into creating the routine or ritual that will keep your desires in your face

Quick notes:

You are about to take the desires you dumped out from the last audio and keep them in your face! I hope you picked some good ones.

Here’s something to keep in mind while you are working diligently on creating your career and lifestyle transformation from within to the out.

This is a process that will have to stick forever. You can’t do all this stuff one time and then stop. Once I started seeing the results from changing my mindset by focusing on my desires, I slacked on my practices. I stopped having desire dumps and I stopped being repetitive. Things started to spiral again for me once I stopped the process.

I mean bad! I was super depressed and frustrated all over again which made it difficult for me to grow my virtual assisting gig and my life went right back to being boring and miserable.

I don’t want this to happen to you, so I have created something for you that I wish I had when I was taking these steps and started to fall off (and the results went with it).

The First Shift is an email course (just like this one but more intimate and extended) that walks you through your first month of sticking with your lifestyle and career goals.

This email course is for those that are really eager and ready to start seeing results fall and need help with stay consistent with the journey. This requires you to create from within, this requires you to be intuitive, and this requires you to really be ambitious and creative.


Click here to learn more about how The First Shift can help you stay accountable with your goals