Step One: Brainstorm Your Unique Desires


Desire like your life depends on it…because it does.

I’m sure you do this simple thing on your lunch break, while you’re watching K-Pop videos, or when you are smelling your favorite food cooking in the kitchen…but you really need to take this thing more seriously!


I know you do this, but what you’re doing is thinking of something you want and then you forget about it. You stuff it under soul and let it fizzle away until a new desire comes…and you repeat.

It’s time for you to sit down and have a desire dump and actually commit to bringing these career and lifestyle desires to life.

Listen to the audio below. While you’re writing out your desires on paper, you can use these categories I got from Jack Canfeild:




Relationships (Platonic or Romantic)





Plant the seed of change by having a desire dump

Quick notes:

This audio is super simple! You are about to take a few minutes and pour out all of your deepest, juiciest desires. Doing this is an important step to creating your new way of living.

I know you, and what you tend to do with your desires is stuff them in a bag and bury them in the ground. Almost like you’re not allowed to have these dreams and desires. BUT. YOU. ARE! DAMMIT!

Check out the audio above, following the quick step.Step number two where we are about to create a ritual to keep you focused on your goals.

Step Two: Keep Your Desires In Your Face w/ Reminders and Repetition is coming to your inbox tomorrow. Until then, shoot me a tweet (@HarpersBlock) or email ( of the one desire you plan on focusing on?