Get Out Of Your Tedious Daily Loop and Into Your Adventurous Career & Lifestyle Transformation



Hello, mindset morpher! Let me give you a quick heads up on what you are about to listen to in this audio.

First off, this email course has had a ton of names. I hate coming up with names! What I want you to pay attention to is the story i share within the audio where I share what got me started on my internal transformation that helped me shift my career and lifestyle!

There really is no magic to this so don’t let me saying “magic” in the beginning scare you. The “magic” here is really you being yourself and allowing your awesomeness to shine through!

So here’s what you’ll here in the audio:

  • What lead me to take drastic measures to shift my life experience
  • What items you will need while you take this email course
  • What lessons you will learn from the course

Click the video below to begin listening to the introduction to the email course. WARNING: You will hear my awesome signing skills in the end…so be ready to be wowed.

Introduction: When you know it’s time for a change, you have to be the change



Quick notes of this video:

We’re diving in to this thing! I share with you why I created this course and how it is going to help you kickstart your unique transformation. I also share the run down of the course so you know what is ahead!

Tools you’ll need:

  • A cute notebook
  • A dope pencil or pen
  • An open mind
  • A brave heart

Check your email tomorrow for the 1st part of the email course. We will bring your desires out of your secret cave for you to play with. Woo!! Shoot me a tweet over on @Harpersblock to let me know what you are looking forward to in the course!