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trill oG Mini (K-Pop Edition) GOT7 – SHINee – VIXX Ode

  A trilogy of interest, the approach, and then…the seduction (hehehe. Click the banner/titles to check out the music videos) Without my permission You have become My vision   Your plump lips And edgy style…in season   I’m sold Not eligible For refund   The night sky has never been more vivid Can’t keep living […]

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Last Breath (Inspired x Last Breath by Tiffany Gouche)

“You got me wishin’ for another lifetime” – Tiffany Gouche Have you ever rolled up to the moon in an orange spaceship?   This world just keeps getting spacier and crazier…let’s just leave right quick.   I heard Jupiter is cool, pretty lit   I mean, it’s like the largest planet…or some shit   We […]

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Trill OG (3 Songvellas)

Gonna be 100 with you I really wanted to use “trilogy” as “trill og” because it’s cute There isn’t really a story…but at the same time…there is a story. Enjoy.  Click to read HoMELESS NoMAD Inspired x Mascara – Jazmine Sullivan

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Sex on the Beach

Bright, beautiful, yellow ball of fire Shining so, so bright on thee (yes…I said thee) What is it like to be like ye (mmmhmm…I said ye)   Effortless existence Excellent persistence   Feels like I’m melting from the inside Soon, the burnt orange embarrassment will spill from me & override   It’s 12:22 PM central […]

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New Moon

  Strolling on the beach Bonding with the sand Change is coming, reach Earth is in our hand   New Moon. Get your notebook Put all of your crazy, loco dreams in Reach for the stars Take the energy & breathe it in   You are far too lovely To be feeling like the end […]

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