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Why You Should Focus On Your Desires + An Easy Method To Do It

How To Focus On Your Desires

Focusing on your desires, as easy and wonderful as it sounds, can be stressful. Focusing on our desires forces us to reevaluate who we are as a person and forces us to really pay attention to how we feel about our worth and what the heck we are doing on a daily basis! We’re so used to walking around like robots that we don’t even address our desires. We just let them stop by for a quick visit, and then kick them to the curb.

In today’s 30 minute audio, I’m sharing why it is important…pretty much IMPERATIVE that you address your desires if you really want to allow the career and lifestyle transformation you crave.  Also, I’m sharing an easy way to write out your desires and my strategy on making sure I take action to allow my desires to see the physical light of day.

For the skimmers:

What role does “desiring” play in your lifestyle and career transformation?

Shameless plug: This post would go GREAT with the Design Your Unique Lifestyle and Career Transformation audio series I’ve made for those that are dying to get out of the loop of feeling like they are living the same day over and over and over and want to do something strategic about it. Click here to sign up for the free audio series

We are all little scientists (we examine and make things happen with trial and error) and we are also a bit psychic (we have hunches and can usually sense what’s about to happen). Focusing on your desires is tapping into your inner psychic showing the possible outcomes of your life. Addressing your desires can get your inner scientist and therapist involved to help make things happen. It can also help heal any fears or discomfort you have that you need to let go of to allow cuter, more positive desires to come up.

Now that we know a little bit of why it’s important to desire (because it gives us direction), let’s acknowledge our desires that we want to make happen within our career and lifestyle:

Desiring from the right place ( a place of happiness and not the place of fear) takes practice! To make sure that we cover everything that’s important to you, here are some categories to focus on while you sit down and address your desires:

  • Money/Financial
  • Relationship
  • Health/Fitness
  • Personal/Spiritual
  • Fun/Recreation
  • Career
  • Contribution

I got these categories from Jack Canefield talk  “Seminar of the Century” This is such a fun, easy to digest talk about personal development and spiritual goodness.

Once you have your desires written down that you want RIGHT NOW. Let’s create an actual plan to keep up focused.

Here are a couple of resources that will help with this:


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THE CHALKBOARD METHOD FOR GOAL SETTING by Kathleen from Being Boss Club Podcast

EPISODE #79 // GOAL SETTING: THE CHALKBOARD METHOD Being Boss Club by Kathleen & Emily


Have you thought of what will go wrong when you achieve your desires?


Let’s face it, my love…you can’t please everybody.

You can’t even please yourself 100% of the time.

I know that the reason you want to achieve your deepest, darkest goals is because you think they will satisfy you and fill you with glee and glitter and peaches.

But let’s keep it all the way real…we’re living life here.

We have our good times, and we have our bad times (lesson time).

You may be thinking…

  • If I could make all the money in the world…all my problems would go away
  • If I could just have the perfect career…all will be swell
  • If I could just lose this weight…I’ll feel real sexy

But let me tell you now…no.

Well, you’re going to feel good for a little while…but you already know life happens!

Something that you didn’t even think about comes out of nowhere…

You see a better car

You see someone with even more money

You see someone with a better body

The cycle of feeling contrast never ends.

So my question to you, as you identify your desires as I have been provoking you to do all throughout this blog…are you actually ready to take on the problems that come with achieving your goals?

Nothing is 100% perfect. That’s boring anyway.

This is going to sound strange…,maybe even backward from what I’ve been telling you…embrace the struggle that comes with success.

Really, when you look at the fears you have about achieving success and being yourself…which struggles or problems look more attractive?

The struggles of living the same life over and over and over, or the struggles that come with being a successful career woman with a healthy social life?

Would you rather have poor people problems or wealthy people problems?

Problems aren’t all that bad (just like perfection isn’t all that good).

A little contrast in life adds richness, adds depth, adds character, adds uniqueness, adds THRILL.

Just think about your favorite shows, movies, and books…there’s always some sort of conflict. There’s always some type of issue the protagonist has to overcome.

Doesn’t it keep you at the edge of your seat? Doesn’t it make you want to see how on earth the main character is about overcome this? What’s the lesson they are about to learn?

This is your life. Your beautiful, juicy, thrilling life.

You are a freaking super hero. You always attract a solution. You always overcome.

So in juxtaposition with calling in your desires…prepare for the challenges that come with your new career…your new lifestyle. You always win…aren’t you ready to see how?

Interesting concept to think about but this could be the last hair holding you back from allowing great things into your life, great change. Are you afraid to face those “maybe” challenges? You know you have what it takes to handle the victory…but are you doubting your ability to overcome the challenges?

The challenge of having people dislike you because you are living your awesome life and putting yourself first?

The confusing look on people’s faces when you are doing “the unthinkable”

The concerns that your family will have of you living an untraditional lifestyle?

The girls that will be confused with you having the hottest boyfriend ever that treats you like a queen???

Think about that…are you willing to accept your desires…flaws and all that come with it? Are you ready to put in the continuous work to achieve and then re-achieve?

Are you ready for this lifetime of overcoming the new obstacles that come with achieving new goals and allowing new experiences into your life?

Once you agree with yourself that you will look at your desires AND the new obstacles that come with those…because experiencing your true desires with struggle is better than living this “safe life” WITH STRUGGLE…then shout out right now….BRING IT!

This is another reason why I ask you…as you desire…please desire from the place that knows that it doesn’t care how long it will take, how hard it may be, the adjustments you’ll have to make, how crazy people will look at you for having what you have…the desires that you are working towards physically, mentally, and spiritually…not caring if they see the light of day…because the beauty and the real fulfillment of it all is that you WENT FOR IT! THAT YOU DEMANDED IT WITH YOUR ACTIONS, YOUR BELIEFS, AND YOUR SPIRIT!

You’ve bought books for it, you bought courses for it, you’ve stepped SEVERELY out of your comfort zone for it…because it’s already yours. And deep down inside…you know it. That’s why it keeps you up at night, wakes you up in the morning, lingers on your mind all day, makes you feel things…it teases you all the time…it’s right there waiting for you…it just wants you to “go for it”. It wants you to get creative. It wants you to get frustrated over it. It wants you to have revelations.

It wants to be in your life…allow it! It’s flaws and all.

Assignment: Think of a few fears you have around receiving what you desire…what comes up?

Come up with solutions for them now to show yourself that you are a fighter that will not let anything get in your way of getting what’s yours.

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Ways To Celebrate Yourself Today and Why You Should

Celebrate Yourself

Think about your birthday that’s coming up (or just past).

Even if you’re anti-birthday celebration, I know sometimes you like to sit and think about all the awesome things you could do for your birthday:

  • Go out of town for the weekend
  • Have fun at a concert
  • Go to that fancy restaurant you need to wear heels for (or a burger joint to eat everything you want AND get a dessert without feeling guilty)

As I bring my 23rd year on this earth today, I couldn’t help but think of all the fun things we put off until our birthdays. All of a sudden we know all the things that we want, and all of the cool things we can do for the sake of “birthday” or even the holidays.

What if every day could be like your birthday?

Why do we have to wait to do the fun things that make us feel special about our existence once a year? Because we have been “trained” that we can only celebrate ourselves (or wait for other people to celebrate us) on our birthday.

It’s time to change that up. Let’s celebrate YOU every day (or at least once a week to get things started), like it’s your birthday.

Reach out to your loved ones

Instead of waiting for people to reach out to you for your “birthday” to show they care, you reach out to the loved ones that make you feel special even when it isn’t your birthday. Who are the people in your life that feel like a gift to you? Send them a cute little message thanking them for being so awesome. [Plot twist, eh?]

Take yourself out for a nice dinner

What restaurant are you dying to go to? Do you want to go to a nice 5-star spot or chuck-e-cheese to grab a pizza? Why wait for your birthday? Hit up some of your closest friends and see if they can join you? Feel free to take yourself out! Bring a journal with you so you can write down how you feel eating at a restaurant by yourself. You can turn this into a personal development thing and have some revelations. Nothing is sweeter than self-initiated growth. (Well…cake is…but that’s not what we’re talking about)

Honestly, think about what the heck you want to do for your birthday?

Are the type to dress up super cute for your birthday? Do that every day!

Are you waiting to buy something until it’s your birthday, if you have the means…get it now and enjoy it now!

Want to go on a special trip? Plan and now and go way sooner and feel amazing, just like it’s your birthday.

Go get the massage! Make yourself a birthday card! Send yourself some birthday money!

Moral of the story is:

Make yourself feel amazing. Make yourself feel special. Show yourself some love.

You need this energy to create your ideal life. You need to express so much love & gratitude for yourself. People who care about themselves always win. They always know what they want and they always go for it, because they know they are worth it.

People who feel amazing all the time, treat themselves like kings & queens and express what they want get what they desire with so much ease and quickness because they don’t have self-doubt and negativity getting in their way.

What am I doing for my birthday, you ask?

I have on a super cute dress.

I’ve reached out to some very special friends and family members.

I’m about to get me some French toast because I love it!!!

Most important, I am being my divine self all day – every day!

Tell me: what are you going to start doing today to make it feel like it’s your birthday every day?

Create your own Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Plan to Manifest Career & Lifestyle Makeover

Manifest Your Career and Lifestyle Goals

To manifest, which means to “make happen”, goals, experiences, and achievements into your life…you need FOCUS & you need Balance.

Balancing can be tricky to do. Creating life balance and decision making involve human intelligence and spiritual, intuitive intelligence. These things take time to develop, but if living a successful and exciting life with some sort of ease is your goal…you need to cultivate and develop your spiritual/intuitive intelligence in addition to using your pretty well develop human intelligence.

I’ll talk more about developing spiritual and human intelligence later (I touch on it a little bit in this post here), but right now…we need to get you started on manifesting & achieving your career and lifestyle transformation.

After reading this, you should check out the Design Your Unique Lifestyle audio series to help you with this. 

Transforming your career life and altering your lifestyle to one that’s more fun and adventurous takes time. It also takes quite a bit of energy. You’re having to disengage from your current mindset and develop a new one. That is a huge and trying thing to do, but it is oooooh soooo rewarding!

Along with some of the steps I share in the Design Your Unique Career & Lifestyle transformation audio series (in the 2nd audio about creating a mindset ritual to stick with your goals), you have to intricate action with intricate energy.

One thing I wish I knew when I began my career & lifestyle transformation 2 years ago (which I share some amazing experiences that I’ve had here since I’ve started here) was to be a little more focused. I created desires that I stashed on my vision board & waited for inspiration to hit me. I know now that being more FOCUSED and creating decent transformation plan would’ve connected me to and helped me achieve my goals and desires waaaaay faster.

Have you noticed that the things you focus on are more prevalent in your life? If you are obsessed with a celebrity, you start to notice things around you that remind you of them. Also, do you notice when you lightly give attention to something, like a song, you start to hear it everywhere?

Where you choose to direct your focus plays a big, HUGE role in what you attract and experience.


Here is a monthly, weekly, and daily focus plan that has helped me grow and create so much, it’s crazy!

Create Your Monthly Mission

To help speed up the process of creating & manifesting your unique career and lifestyle transformation, have a precise idea of your general desires. Of course with you being here on the site, that would be a shift in your career and a shift in your life experience.

Where would you like to be in your career and how would you like your lifestyle to look within the next 6 months (or even a year?)

  • New job & more friends?
  • New job industry + traveling more?
  • Learn a new skill + be around industry leaders?

Get a good gist.

With your overall desire, you are about to create monthly themes that will get you closer to your desires.

I suggest picking one theme at a time but it’s okay to do 2.

So, your general desire is to get into a new career industry within 6 to 12 months + travel.

So your Month 1 theme can be “Explore new industry + Pick a place to visit”

The themes you chose for the month can be based off instinct & research.

Some ideas for a monthly mission can be:

  • Income Growth month
  • Weight loss education month
  • Increase Confidence Month
  • Build relationship month

I’m sure you get the idea.

Assignment: Right now, pick a theme for your mission this month/next month

Set your weekly goals

Your weekly goals should be based off your monthly mission. Actually, your weekly goals are kind of like weekly missions as well, but way more specific. This step is to make sure that you have a productive week that is getting you closer to making your desires come to life.

Let’s say you choose your monthly mission to be Income Growth Month, your weekly missions may look like this based off of intuitive nudge and research:

Week 1: Discover ways to make money week

Week 2: Narrow down which money making tactics I want to pursue week

Week 3: Apply for new jobs + find a course to help with tactic I choose week

Week 4: Implement & Follow-Up Week

Focus & intention is the goal here. Get super creative with these missions! Also, keep the goals simple! Nothing to attract is that complicated unless you want it to be. Having a simple mission can knock a ton of other goals you have out at once. For example, I had a desire to transition into a new career endeavor and travel. I mainly focused on developing the confidence I needed to learn a new skill trade and to speak with professionals about opportunities. What ended up happening is that I became a nanny who was presented with the opportunity to travel overseas, which accomplished both my goal of learning a new skill (online virtual assisting tactics) and connected me with IDEAL professionals for opportunities (clients!). Be open to those little surprises that seep through.

Create a daily action task

Your daily action goes with your weekly goal/mission.

This is where you tap into your intuition & intelligence. You are going to have to use your mind and your spirit juice to create your daily to-do.

Let’s look at the Week 1 Mission: Discover ways to make money week.

Get creative about what action you can take to achieve this goal. Keep these tasks simple. Keep some room for the universe to show you the way. You’re not in this alone!

I have a few questions that you should ask yourself everyday for the 6-7 days you take intricate action:

“What can I do today to achieve my weekly mission”

Daily action suggestions could look like:

  • do some google research today
  • Next day go to book store and look in business / magazines

  • Next day – look for someone I can ask advice from
  • Next brainstorm my own ideas from what I’ve seen others do

You can create these tasks one day at a time, like the night before. Keep these ideas fresh on your mind so it’s easier to take the aligned action with intention! Also remain observant throughout the day. Pay attention to what shows up that goes along with your weekly mission. Is there a guest on a radio show you listen to talking about how to grow your income? LISTEN TO IT!

At the end of the day:

“What did I do today that aligned with my weekly mission”

Simply make a list of everything you did that day with the intention of getting you to your goals of career & lifestyle transformation!

Did you ask someone a question? Did you read a book or have a brain storming session?

This is to hold yourself accountable. You have to make some effort when you are shifting your life and career. Asking yourself this question can reveal some gaps that you may have in your mind & heart that you need to fill (which could create a theme for the next month for you to focus on!)

“What could I have done today to achieve my weekly mission?”

Sometimes we miss an opportunity because we over-analyze ourselves out of it. On occasion, things don’t make sense on a logical level, but feel right intuitively…but we choose to not listen to your intuition. The opposite occurs as well. Something sounds a little to odd and weird to do and something tells you not to move forward, but you do it anyway. I want to add that NOT doing something can also count as something that gets you closer to your goals. Note that as well!

Reflect through the day and tell yourself what you could’ve done that you didn’t do to achieve your weekly mission.

I’m curious beautiful reader. Do you plan on using this focus method to help you ignite your career and lifestyle switch up? What’s your first monthly mission? Share with me on twitter @harpersblock.


Also, share this post with your buddy ol’ pals & get on the Mindset Morpher mailing list to get access to the Design Your Unique Career & Lifestyle Transformation (this audio series has so many names!) and for future updates from me! I feel my own intuitive nudge to document my Monthly. Weekly, Daily Manifest Plan so that you can get a visual of how this process works, and the potential results you can reap from doing it. The results may vary due to timing, but it all feeds you and gets you closer to where you desire to be in life.

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Step by Step Guide: What Goes In To Creating Your Own Success & Happiness

Create Your Own Success and Happiness


What to expect from the post:

I always thought that special people got to live special lives. Pretty girls got to get all the boyfriends and attention, smart people got to make all the money and have the awesome jobs, and other junk of that nature. When on the verge to accept this “concept” and move on with my life…my inner rebel instinct convinced me that I am more than equipped with what I need to create constant success and happiness.

It took me a while to accept that I don’t need permission or validation to be deemed smart, pretty, and worthy. I want YOU to accept right now that you don’t need to be labeled by some outside source as worthy in order to achieve a goal that you crave.

Have you read my post, 6 Moments I’ve Experienced Since Believing In The Law of Attraction? I talk about the crazy cool moments I experienced in life that I thought I’d have to work super hard to achieve or just be lucky too. However what I may not have mentioned in that post is that change didn’t fall into my life until I made a decision to just take it.


I did not wait for permission to desire certain things or wait until I was “ready” to go for my odd ball goals. I felt “what do I have to lose?” during the whole journey. Because I didn’t feel like I had anything to lose, I gave it all I had (funny enough…it wasn’t much!)

I want you to adopt the “what do I have to lose” mentality & also adopt the “I’m a clever moe foe that knows how to get out of a tiff” mentality so that you can create and accept delicious experiences into your life.

There are several things that go into creating a life of happiness and success ON YOUR OWN, meaning you aren’t waiting for someone or even GOD to give you permission to be great. These are important tips you need to study and tattoo onto your brain. I am in the works of creating a course for young women who are ready to take life into their own hands and make shit happen. If you want to be the first to know about the release, make sure you click here to sign up for my mailing list where you will get access a free audio series telling you how to design your ideal life.

What all goes into creating your own life, success, and happiness

1. You need a routine

You have been living your life a certain way for so long. In order for you to really create a change that you can see, you have to create a routine that reflects the new life and state of mind you wish to have.

When I began my journey 2 years ago to consciously change my damn life, I did every weird thing I heard on a daily basis to make the shift. For example, my aunt told me that if I really wanted to attract success into my life, in addition to following my instincts and being assertive, I needed to say affirmations every day that match my desires.

I wrote down things like

  • I am enjoying my career
  • I am doing what I love with people I love every day
  • I love to travel and am enjoying going to new places frequently

I said the same affirmations every single day for about 6 months.

I also watched inspirational movies and listened to inspirational audios every day because I wanted to feel motivated! If you’re tired of feeling TIRED…listen to some things that make appreciate life. Every day.

Assignment: Look at your life and look at where you want to be. What’s missing in your daily routine to reflect the success you desire? What’s missing in your vocabulary?

Make sure you signup to listen to the Design Your Ideal Life audio series to help fill in some blanks.

2. You need to constantly detox, release, and reset

Picture constipation. You have toxins and bullcrap cramped up in your body that won’t leave. With time, it just piles up and piles up and it makes you feel like crap! Now, picture your mind. You have a lot of feelings, thoughts, and emotions that are lodged in your brain (and soul) that you refuse to release.

You’ve got to let the shit go (figuratively & literally).

Make it a habit to release your frustrations, get out of contact with people and content that bring you down. Get rid of items and ways of thinking that do not serve your purpose.

You need to release things that no longer serve you:




Mentally release with decision. Make a conscious effort to release thoughts and ways of thinking that simply are in the way and not getting you anywhere. Thoughts about an ex you will never hear from again, thoughts about mistakes you made in the past that embarrassed you, you know what you need to let go.

Physically release things that you are holding on to that you have not used in a long time and will not use. Let go of old raggedy clothing, old notebooks and papers, redecorate your room, clean out your purse and your car.

Spiritually release with full moon rituals (follow MysticxLipstick for more details on full moon and new moon rituals for releasing). During the full moon, usually in the middle of the month, write down all the things you want to let go of, and burn it! It’s important that you visit MysticxLipstick’s twitter page because she gives so many examples on what to write in your full moon ritual that are always on time!

If you can’t wait for the full moon, check out this ritual here

The important thing is to let go with intention! Release, my friend to allow in true success and joy.

Assignment: Throw away one thing in your house. Write down a way of thinking and struggle you wish to let go of, and burn it (use fire at your own risk and responsibly!) Show yourself it is gone forever.

3. You have to be committed 

You have to commit to yourself and your happiness. When you are committed to something, you stop at nothing to make it happen. When you have a doctor’s appointment or want to go see your favorite artist perform, you move mountains to make sure you get to that show or not miss the appointment!

Are you truly committed to being the boss of your life? Or do you want to keep letting other people come in and shape your mindset for you and dictate your actions? Take some time and really ask yourself this question. What does committing to yourself mean? What does it look like to you?

Assignment: Take however long you need and write down what it looks like to be committed.

4. You’ve got to be creative

Life is like a canvas, you can paint on it and draw on it however you want to. Get ideas about how you want to live from deep within you. What are some things that you want in your life? Seriously, no matter the subject.

  • Do you want to live abroad for a few months?
  • Do you want to redecorate your whole home…just because it feels good?
  • Do you want to go on a morning walk wearing a chicken suit every day?

What is it that you want to experience and do in this life, or at least for now? You have to be creative and trust your instincts as you are creating your ideal life and happiness. Do not keep ignoring your desires because they are too weird and crazy. Face them, and then re-desire them. Reconstruct them. Study them. Search within and see why you want this in your life?

Assignment: Write down 3 desires you want in your life…now.

5. You need to be observant

You are attracted to certain things, people, places, and experiences for a reason. Things catch your attention for a specific reason. Don’t dismiss it. Think about some crazy coincidence that has happened to you recently? What made it so crazy?

The important note about observing is that it adds to your creativity. Maybe you saw a cute couple making out in public that grossed you out. Why did it make you feel so gross? Is it because you want that shit in your life and is disgusts you to not have it? Or do you fear being like that cute/gross couple making people uncomfortable with your PDA?

Pay attention to what catches your attention. Why do you like the songs you like, the movies & shows you watch, the games you play? These answers could craft some desires for you that you can commit to you and make happen.

Assignment: Pick something that you are attracted to right now (movie, song, community, idea) and try your best to write about why you are attracted it to it and how it adds to your ideal lifestyle.

6. You need to create time to reflect & appreciate 

Time seems to be going by really fast, so it’s important to take a moment to look at your life and reflect. What has been happening so far? What do I like about my life right now? What do I want to see change? What do I appreciate that has happened in the past and what do I appreciate about what is happening right now?

Appreciating something makes you feel good all over, and when you feel good you open yourself up to receive more things that make you feel good. You can even show appreciation to some of the struggles you’ve experienced in the past because it helped you grow and helped you identify what you definitely don’t want in your life.

Assignment: Pick one thing from the past or the present that you appreciate, write about why you appreciate it.

It all boils down to making a conscious decision.

You have to firmly decide that you are ready to create this life of love, joy, harmony, randomness, and success. Once you make that decision, just like any other decision you make in life…you have to stick to it and put in the effort. This stuff takes effort. Things come up as you work towards creating a beautiful life for yourself, that you must squash with your super powers. Keep your focus on your desires and your goals and make sure your actions and mindset reflect your decision.

I feel the nudge to create a more in-depth workbook covering all of these topics with more assignments to get you started on creating a life for yourself that makes you feel all good and tingly inside. Is creating a more exciting and successful life starting from within something you are interested in?

If so, please enter your name and email in the little boxes below! If I see enough interest, I will keep you posted on the release date & process, and since you will be the first to experience the workbook…you will get it at a special price before I release it to the whole wide world!

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See you again tomorrow for ANOTHER awesome post crafted to help you create a unique life experience for yourself that empowers you.

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